CMF-04 TransMount Servo Focus/Zoom Controller Max


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TransMount Servo Zoom/Focus Controller (Max) is an external focus/zoom control system developed for Weebill Lab, Crane 3 Lab, and Weebill S. It consists of a Zoom/Focus Controller and fixture and enables focus/zoom control on the camera after installing with the stabilizer. The Max is compatible with a variety of commonly used lenses. Camera controls on the stabilizer will not be affected after installation of the Zoom/Focus Controller. Now you can control the focal length more effectively while still having smooth footage.

Note that you may need lens brackets and longer round rods to enable the working of this product on Crane 3S.  Check CRANE 3S SERVO ZOOM & FOCUS MOTORS.

  • Packing Specifications

  • Packing Dimensions

    4.8*5.3*2.6 inch (LWH)

  • Packing Weight

    0.69 lbs

Zoom/Focus Controller (Max) *1

Round Rod *1

Support Bracket *1

Control Wheels *2

USB-C Cable *1

Locking Screw *3

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